PVC covid barrier

PVC Cristal PVC extendable parafiate barrier

Protect your work environment with the protective screen – covid 19 barrier FlexySafe.
The protective surface is made of Cristal cloth. The Cristal is a very transparent flexible PVC comparable to clear glass. The screen is easily cleaned and sanitized with normal cleaning products.

The barrier is able to extend to a maximum opening of 140 cm, with the additional possibility of creating a rise from the worktop of 5 or 10 cm to create a paper-passing space.

If you are fitting flush with your desk, you can still lift it as it is extremely soft and flexible.

If the customer wants to install FlexySafe on a worktop with a different extension, you can do so by rolling or unrolling the Cristal film as needed. This makes it adaptable to any workstation.

The ability to rewind the product, makes it particularly suitable to be moved from the station and station and stowed.

FlexySafe features a self-supporting structure made of aluminum, which makes
the product immune to accidental bumps on it. The self-supporting structure of FlexySafe barrier
firmly locked on the floor on which you want to place it by clamping screws.

Unlike normal plexyglass screens, its positioning is therefore stable and does not prone to be accidentally overturned.

FlexySafe is ideal for making the work environment safer, cleaner and hygienic and to return to full efficiency after coronavirus lockdown.

Patent application filed.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Cristal (flexible high transparency PVC), 0.5mm thickness.
  • Size: Adjustable width: 0-140cm. Protection height 90cm. Stand-off (space for any passing of objects): from 0 to 10cm (3 adjustments: 0, 5 and 10cm).
  • Installation: Installable on every type of floor thanks to the multifunction fastener kit.
  • Removeable and adaptable to other workstations.
  • Self supporting.
  • Tough and shock resistant.
  • Easy to clean.

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Price 110.66€ + VAT.

Below you can see and download the installation video