YdealitY s.r.l. is an electronic showcase of high-quality products designed and built in Italy. We firmly believe in Italian Design, in the broadest sense of the term: Design with the meaning of Technical Design and Design with the meaning of Style.

We believe that the rules of a good product should not only be subservient to the rules of a good economy.

We design with passion because this is our job. Only with passion and only what we are passionate about.

Covid-19 Emergency

Ydeality wants to give a small contribution to the restart from the Lock-down in the way that distinguishes us Italians. Intelligence and determination. For this reason, we designed and distributed a new reconfigurable and adaptable workstation protection system in record time. More information in the products section.

About us

Ydeality S.r.l. comes from the experience of designing and developing products of a group of engineers with dozens of patents in the mechanical and electronic fields. Over the years, the experience in mechanics, design and electronics, applied to different industries, has allowed to acquire multidisciplinary and effectiveness. The ability to use many disciplines and the large network of collaborators has allowed to create an extremely diverse offer.

The desire to create, in us has always been strong, and for this reason Ydeality S.r.l. is born.

Through Ydeality, a virtual showcase, our offer reaches everyone.